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Children’s Ministry on Purpose

Discover foundational principles that provide purpose and direction for your children’s ministry. Out of decades of experience, Adams shares insights that help him empower his leaders to focus on the most important activities that return the greatest impact.

Presenter: Steve Adams
Track: Kidmin Basics

Outreach: From Crowd to Core! // La evangelización: ¡Desde la multitud al centro!

Need an outreach model that will increase visitor retention and strengthen both discipleship and follow-up? Find out how to effectively reach out to your community to draw children into the core of your ministry. // ¿Necesita un modelo de evangelización que incrementará la retención de visitantes y fortalecerá tanto el discipulado como el seguimiento? Descubra cómo evangelizar efectivamente la comunidad que lo rodea y atraer a los niños al centro de su ministerio.

Presenter: Dr. Melissa J. Alfaro
Track: Spanish

Cultural Competency in Children's Ministry

Understand different subcultures within America and gain practical information about crossing cultural bridges and bringing unity in a multicultural setting.

Presenter: Abby Anderson
Track: Community & Culture

Avoiding the Six Dysfunctional Parenting Styles // Como evitar los seis estilos disfuncionales de crianza

What are the six dysfunctional parenting styles to avoid? Help parents understand what God intends their role to be. Based on Dr. Michelle's Anthony's book, “Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family.” // ¿Cuáles son los seis estilos disfuncionales de crianza que debe evitar? Ayudando a los padres a entender el papel que Dios quiere que tengan. Está basado en el libro de la Dr. Michelle Anthony «Becoming a Spiritual Healthy Family» [Transformándose en una familia espiritualmente saludable]

Presenter: Lulu Armenta
Track: Spanish

Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents: A Guide for Churches

Understand the threats and challenges, establish planning processes, assess and mitigate vulnerabilities, establish response procedures, plan for recovery, and stay prepared.

Presenter: Robert (Bob) Aston
Track: Kidmin Basics

Preschool Ministry: Practical Classroom Tools for Enhancing the Story

Is your ministry prepared to welcome the youngest learners? Practical, hands-on tools for ministering to and growing the faith of these youngest learners will be shared in this breakout session.

Presenter: Sharon Baldwin
Track: Nursery / Preschool

Avoiding Burnout While Increasing Engagement

Ministry is tough and burnout is far too common. Gain insight into your core needs so you can avoid burnout and increase engagement in ministry.

Presenter: Anne Bates
Track: Serve / Ministry / Relationships

Compassionate Kids

Kids can know the heart of God, and they can develop a heart of compassion for the lost and for those less fortunate. This class will focus on the steps to challenging kids to do great things for God and make a difference in the world.

Presenter: Mary Boyd
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Quadrupling Your BGMC Giving

If you're passionate about BGMC and raising funds to help missionaries reach people for Jesus, then this class is for you. Multiple tried and true ideas will be shared, one one designed to help you quadruple your BGMC giving.

Presenter: David Boyd
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Kids' Ministry IS Family Ministry

Our Influence only goes so far. Effective discipleship requires bridging the gap between church and home.

Presenter: Jenn Braham
Track: Family Ministry

Giftology: Improving Your Gift Giving

Let's face it—we are terrible gift givers. Giving gifts to our leaders is an opportunity to show them their value; too often we settle for a gift card. Learn practical ideas to become a great gift giver.

Presenter: Ryan Burbank
Track: Volunteers

Don't Hide the Holy Spirit

It is beyond imagination what the Holy Spirit can do and wants to do in your services. Discover how to exalt the ministry of the Holy Spirit on your platform, in your classrooms, and throughout your age-appropriate children's ministry.

Presenter: Billy Burns
Track: Worship / Spirit-Empowered

Go Big or Go Home

All the little things in life and ministry add up to BIG results.

Presenter: JP Cannon
Track: Leadership

Connecting with Your Community

When we asked God to open our eyes to the community, we went from just casually seeing people in our community to knowing them. We discovered that when people feel known, they feel they belong. And when they feel they belong, they can find a home in your church.

Presenter: Leah Carreon
Track: Connect / Fellowship / Outreach

The Mission Field among Us: How to Minister to Multicultural Children

An increasing number of churches are becoming multiethnic as they reflect the changing and blending of the culture around us. It is important that we are prepared to reach these children and their families.

Presenter: Esther Castro
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Using Science for Impactful Lessons/ Usando Ciencia para un leccion impactante

Dig in! Hands on science fun that will help you illustrate your lessons in a way they will never forget . Use everyday materials to turn your mess into a message.

Presenter: Irene Cavazos
Track: Spanish

Make BGMC Thrive

Our church went from zero to WOW in two years as we created a culture of giving and passion for missions by introducing BGMC back to our local church. Children created a buzz that caused parents to remember giving when they were kids.

Presenter: Maritza Ceballos
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Understanding, Developing, and Implementing Meaningful Ministry to People with Intellectual Disabilities

Teachers want to know that students “get it.” This workshop clarifies what constitutes meaningful ministry to students with moderate intellectual disabilities, assisting them with their grasp of biblical principles. It explores their unique characteristics that, when understood, will increase the effectiveness of your ministry with them.

Presenter: Charllie Chivers
Track: Special Needs

Drama Characters, Clowns, and Personalities

Discover fun ways to incorporate dramatic characters into your normal weekend services as well as how to feature them in special events like VBS programs or outreaches.

Presenter: Ben Christensen
Track: Creative Communication

Sustaining Your Family in Ministry Together

This workshop explores what it looks like to pastor alongside your spouse, or to volunteer in each other's ministries together. How do you do it well without losing your marriage to your ministry?

Presenter: Danielle Christy
Track: Serve / Ministry / Relationships

Differences in Boys' and Girls' Brains

It's no secret that girls and boys are very different. These differences extend beyond what we can see on the outside. Come and explore some of the differences in the male and female brain and consider what this means as we minister to both boys and girls.

Presenter: Chris Corbett
Track: Kidmin Basics

Leading Children into the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Discover a detailed, visual presentation model of how a children's minister can easily lead large groups of children to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of speaking in other tongues.

Presenter: Edwin Corbin
Track: Worship / Spirit-Empowered

Social Media Strategy for Churches

Just because someone has a successful personal social media account doesn't mean they will be good at running an account for your church. This workshop will help you identify what qualities your church social media person needs and will help you develop a flowchart for creating social media content.

Presenter: Benjamin DeCastro
Track: Creative Communication

Simple Science Illustrations!

Biblical Truth + Hands-On Science = Unforgettable Faith Lessons! Explore science-inspired, Christ-centered lessons that easily illustrate faith, salvation, and the kingdom of God.

Presenter: Josh Denhart
Track: Creative Communication

How to Develop Effective Volunteer Teams // Desarrollando equipos efectivos de voluntarios

We all need more volunteers. How can we find and train them? // Todos necesitamos más voluntarios. ¿Cómo puedo encontrarlos y entrenarlos?

Presenter: Parker Dickerson
Track: Spanish

The Art of Asking Questions // El arte de hacer preguntas

In kids’ ministry, many times the questions we ask are more important than the answers we give. How do we as leaders develop the art of asking and listening—instead of simply speaking? // En muchas ocasiones en el ministerio a niños las preguntas que hacemos son más importantes que las respuestas que damos. ¿Cómo desarrollamos como líderes el arte de hacer preguntas y escuchar, en vez de solo hablar?

Presenter: Parker Dickerson
Track: Spanish

MISSION 55:5—Raising Up an Effective International Children's Ministry

What if God wants to bring the world to YOU? Are you ready? Currently, many internationals are coming to live among us. Is your children's ministry prepared to handle children from other cultures? How can you help international children transition into a new culture and church? This session will help you prepare to receive international children and have a more fruitful children’s ministry.

Presenter: Frank Dinie
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Kidminovation: Becoming an Innovator in Kids' Ministry

Want to be more creative in ministry? Learn how “Kidmin + Innovation = Kidminovation.” Explore three creativity killers and discover some key defining factors of a Kidminovator that you can implement immediately.

Presenter: Brian Dollar
Track: Grow / Discipleship

KIDMINOVATION—Using Technology and Media to Reach Children

What if Walt Disney had been a children's pastor? What tools would he have used to reach the children in your church? What if Nolan Bushnell (creator of Atari and Chuck-E-Cheese) had designed your kids' church? What would it look like? What technology and media can we incorporate in our ministry now?

Presenter: Don and Jauneen Dore'
Track: Creative Communication

Effective Altar Times in KidMin

Kids need to respond to your message. Why not give them a time and a place to do it? Find out how to effectively present to children a call to prayer for salvation, for personal needs and commitments, and for the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Presenter: Jamie Doyle
Track: Grow / Discipleship

A Special Place for Me

Sometimes integration is not the best solution for a child with special needs. Learn how to determine if a separate setting is necessary for a particular child and discover how to design that special place.

Presenter: Matthew Espina
Track: Special Needs

Quick and Effective Rapport-Building Skills

Counselors have tools to build a quick, therapeutic level of rapport with children. When we employ these techniques, we are better positioned to serve and shepherd kids. Training volunteers to use these skills will empower even the most reluctant volunteer and create excitement about working with children.

Presenter: Nicole Fairchild
Track: Serve / Ministry / Relationships

No Money, No Problem

Budget? What budget? If you don't get a budget to help keep kids engaged, don't worry. You can still be creative, roam the aisles of the dollar store, and transform basic things to create something special.

Presenter: Greg Ferguson
Track: Creative Communication

Bringing Kids into the Presence of God:Altar Services As an Art Form

According to Barna, over half our Sunday School kids say they have never felt the presence of God. Learn how to help them encounter God. Offer effective spiritual encounters in your kids' service using a variety of creative methods.

Presenter: Becky Fischer
Track: Grow / Discipleship

Building Blocks of an Effective Ministry to Boys

Culture has given our boys an obscured image of manhood, leading to a variety of problems in our families and communities. Come join us as we explore the unique needs of boys and the most effective ways your church can introduce boys to true Christlike manhood.

Presenter: Karl Fleig
Track: Girls Ministries / Royal Rangers

God's Unique Ministry Team

Want a stronger relationship with your senior pastor? Find out what makes a senior pastor tick. Discover how together you can make a unique ministry team.

Presenter: Dr. Lon Flippo
Track: Serve / Ministry / Relationships

Girls Ministries—Getting Clubs Started

Explore the resources available to you to start a successful Girls Ministries program at your church. We will learn about curriculum, training, available teacher materials, and more!

Presenter: Deborah Fruchey
Track: Girls Ministries / Royal Rangers

Equipping Leaders

Recognize the leadership potential in those around you and learn to empower and equip them. Learn how to tap into the strengths of those in your sphere of influence.

Presenter: Michelle Garland
Track: Leadership

Kids and Missions

Kids need to be active in sharing the gospel. Explore practical ways to involve your kids in outreach and to help them put feet to their faith.

Presenter: Rebecca (Becky) Garrett
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Puppets Can Work

Through thirty years of ventriloquism thousands of kids have been captivated by characters they can laugh at and relate to. Learn this skill and add an amazing skill to your kidmin toolbox.

Presenter: Robin Garvin
Track: Creative Communication

Bridging the G.A.P. to Raise Up Specialists

What would it take to bring someone from merely serving to being a star volunteer? There is a G.A.P. that must be crossed to raise up ministry specialists. Personalize your workbook designed to help you find ways to transform your volunteers into specialists!

Presenter: Michael Grove
Track: Volunteers

Recruiting and Caring for Volunteers

One of the greatest problems facing children’s pastors is recruiting and maintaining a volunteer staff. Explore practical church-tested methodology in recruitment and care of your volunteers.

Presenter: Dick Gruber
Track: Volunteers

Building Your Kidmin Team from Within

The struggle is real when it comes to finding workers for your kids' ministry. Learn how to build a team by training, building up, and discipling the older kids who are already a part of what you are doing.

Presenter: Dean Guthrie
Track: Volunteers

Modernizing Your Altar Call

Discover and discuss new ways to lead kids in responding to God's Word.

Presenter: John Hailes
Track: Grow / Discipleship

Target: Gen Z

What are the key characteristics of the generation following the Millennials? How do we target and reach them, and in turn let them fulfill the calling God has for them? Learn to make a five-year plan for discipleship that is attractive to this generation by connecting it to a simple vision: every child saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, called to ministry, and trained to fulfill God’s call for them.

Presenter: Benjamin Harper
Track: Pre-Teen & Young Leaders

How to Be an MVP on Staff!

Ministry is done in teams. What if every team player was striving to be the MVP? Think about the level of excellence and unity that ministry would produce for the Kingdom!

Presenter: Craig Hicks
Track: Serve / Ministry / Relationships

Healthy Outposts in the Smaller Church Setting

The Royal Rangers program allows for a significant degree of flexibility, enabling churches of any size to create a program that meets their needs while staying within their resource limitations. Come hear how Royal Rangers can be conducted effectively in a smaller church setting.

Presenter: John Hicks
Track: Girls Ministries / Royal Rangers

Utilizing Teens in Children's Ministry So Everyone Benefits

Using teen volunteers in your children's ministry can be a winning strategy for everyone. This workshop will help you set up a structure for the teens you choose. It will explore training, parental involvement, and strategies to keep teens plugged into their youth ministry and their church. Relationship is emphasized.

Presenter: Pam Hodges
Track: Pre-Teen & Young Leaders

Reaching Kids from Hard Places

Many kids have experienced some sort of trauma. This workshop will help give you the tools to see them healed and set free.

Presenter: Steve Hogue
Track: Community & Culture

Spiritual Retreats

Learn how to create special times and places to plug into the presence of God. Spiritual retreats can be “burning bush” encounters where children (and families) encounter God at another level.

Presenter: Patricia Holland
Track: Worship / Spirit-Empowered

When the Unchurched Come to Church

What about children whose parents are not fully integrated into your church? What about those kids who are dropped off, picked up on a bus, or who find another way to come? What about those whose families are unchurched? It is our calling to find a way to connect them to Christ!

Presenter: Dan Jenkins
Track: Connect / Fellowship / Outreach

Discipline in Kids' Services

Discipline in kids' services must be planned before the service begins. Once guidelines are in place that everyone agrees to, it's much more fun to give positive reinforcement for behavior you want, than it is to dispense negative discipline.

Presenter: Barry Jorris
Track: Kidmin Basics

Illusions and Object Lessons You Can Make!

Many of the best illusions and objects lessons are simple to make if you understand the principles behind them. You do not have to be a master craftsman. Just learn the concepts and make the props in a way that is practical for you.

Presenter: David Laflin
Track: Creative Communication

Teaching Kids to Evangelize Their Friends

We tell kids all the time to reach their friends. However, we often don't give them the tools they need to go and evangelize kids in their schools, on their sports teams, and in their neighborhoods. In this session, we will explore these tools through games, activities, and curriculum.

Presenter: Jose Lopez
Track: Connect / Fellowship / Outreach

Building Your Team to Go Beyond the Minimum

Your kids' ministry team is one of the most important components of your ministry. Learn to lead the members of your team so they grow. Help them become truly motivated to serve and encourage them to let God work in and through their lives.

Presenter: Heather Marble
Track: Volunteers

Under-Resourced, Fully-Equipped.

Volunteers. Budget. Space. Time. When it comes to leading kids, it can often feel like we just are not fully resourced, but that doesn't mean we are not fully equipped to do the work God has called us to. In this workshop, we'll take a look at the practical ways God has equipped us to be effective in ministry, regardless of our resources.

Presenter: Jared Massey
Track: Kidmin Basics

Training New “Crews” // Entrenando nuevo «personal»

How to work with children who are graduating from your children’s ministry and desire to return as junior volunteers. // Cómo trabajar con niños que están graduándose de su Ministerio de Niños y quieren regresar como voluntarios.

Presenter: M Pat Mata
Track: Spanish

From the Magic Kingdom to God’s Kingdom: Lessons Learned from a Decade at Disney

Disney has created some of the most compelling destinations on earth. Learn from a Disney alumnus how these key strategies can and have been applied to some of the most effective children’s ministry environments on the planet.

Presenter: Mel McGowan
Track: Community & Culture

Design Intervention: From Branding to Building

Discover the process of capturing your unique story, passion, and DNA to create a unique brand that can be experienced. Learn the Disney and Pixar processes that balance order and chaos in creating stories that people can touch.

Presenter: Mel McGowan
Track: Community & Culture

Setting Up your KidMin for Success

We all want to see great things happen in our kidmin. We want to see God grow our kids as well as provide a place where parents feel confident leaving their kids. Learn simple ways to organize your ministry to grow and be healthy.

Presenter: Manny Melendez
Track: Kidmin Basics

Meet the Missionaries Workshop 2

God is using our missionaries to change the lives of men, women, and children around the globe. Hear from three veteran missionaries as they tell what God is doing in the Philippines, in the Pacific Islands, through the internet, and beyond.

Presenter: Sheree Diane Mark Moon Laws Flattery
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

Leveraging Energy: Effective Student Leadership in Kids' Ministry

Your church's middle and high school students can either be your biggest asset or your greatest challenge in kids' ministry. Effectively leveraging older students for leadership in kids' ministry not only increases your energy and enthusiasm levels, but also builds healthy momentum in bridging the gap to student ministry programs in your church. Gain practical tips and solid leadership tools for strengthening student leadership within your kids' ministry.

Presenter: Monica Morgan
Track: Pre-Teen & Young Leaders

Ministry Philosophy Evangelism vs Discipleship?

In this workshop we will give you a view of the philosophy that drives the Royal Rangers ministry to involve boys. We will explore what it means to be a boy-led, adult-facilitated ministry and how our boys can impact the Kingdom.

Presenter: David Morrison
Track: Girls Ministries / Royal Rangers

Staying Heathy

Kids' church is great! It's the rest of the stuff I struggle with. Learn how to stay healthy where you serve. Discover how to handle difficult or even dysfunctional situations!

Presenter: Robbie Morrow
Track: Leadership

Meet the Missionaries Workshop 1

Hear from three veteran missionaries as they tell what God is doing around the world in Uruguay, Northern Asia, and El Salvador. Truly God is doing amazing things through his servants!

Presenter: Trent & Tina Morrow, Don & Terri Triplet, Cindy Hilsinger
Track: Go / Evangelism / Missions

JBQ and Family Ministry

How to use JBQ for family ministry, and make the quizzing the icing on the cake.

Presenter: Scott Norquest
Track: Family Ministry

The Heart of a Kids' Pastor

The heart of a kids' pastor sets him or her apart. Rediscover and engage with the kids' pastor's heart that God intended you to have.

Presenter: Ken Owen Jr
Track: Leadership

JBQ: Ministry That Encourages Righteousness

Questions: Why JBQ? Why disciple? How do I do JBQ? How do I use JBQ to disciple kids? Answers provided in this workshop.

Presenter: Todd Papendick
Track: AG Core Experience

JBQ: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The saying goes "practice makes perfect" but that doesn't mean practice has to be boring. Explore the essentials for every JBQ practice.

Presenter: Todd Papendick
Track: AG Core Experience

Graduation Day from KidMin: Are Kids Ready?

What do our kids really need to know? What should they have experienced in kids' ministries BEFORE moving up into youth ministries? During this crucial time in a child's development, our entire approach changes when we begin with the end in mind. What should our goals be?

Presenter: Trisha Peach
Track: Pre-Teen & Young Leaders

Keeping Every Child Safe // Mantenga a todos los niños a salvo

Child Abuse prevention is essential for every church and ministry. Learn safeguards and preventive measures. It is vital that every teacher knows how to appropriately and safely care for children and youth.

Presenter: Maria Perez
Track: Spanish

Strategies to Energize Your Students to Participate // Estrategias para estimular la participación de sus alumnos

Do you have students who are reluctant to participate? Students who might sit quietly through an entire lesson, or who seem disengaged? Discover different strategies to help all your students become active learners. // ¿Tiene alumnos que son reacios a participar? ¿Estudiantes que podrían sentarse callados durante toda la lección o que parecerían estar desligados? Descubra las diferentes estrategias para ayudar a sus alumnos a ser alumnos más activos.

Presenter: Maria Perez
Track: Spanish

From Chaos to Creativity

Is it possible to manage kids at church without going crazy? How you respond to difficult behavior is often the key to defusing it.

Presenter: Rev Freddie Pettet
Track: Kidmin Basics

Reaching Today's Families

Unpack current family trends and realities, common parenting styles that derail parents, and ways our churches can meet families where they are so we disciple parents as they disciple their children.

Presenter: Julie Pratt
Track: Family Ministry

Investing in Young Leaders

Investing in young leaders can be challenging in the beginning, but it's a GREAT day when your investments begin to multiply! Learn a step-by-step plan to invest in young people so they will never again be satisfied to sit back and watch church happen.

Presenter: Kelly Presson
Track: Pre-Teen & Young Leaders

Grief: How to Deal with Disease, Divorce, or Death

Learn how to navigate with kids, leaders, and yourself through the murky waters of grief. This heartfelt talk will encourage you to shine brightly even in the darkest nights of the soul.

Presenter: Chris Pruett
Track: Community & Culture

Developing Kids to Lead

Can kids really lead other kids? Learn how to take a group of kids and turn them into leaders during your weekly services. Strategic and practical steps will be shared to help you get started.

Presenter: Julia Quinn
Track: Pre-Teen & Young Leaders

When the Music Stops

Transform your kids' worship experiences by teaching them how to worship God in their OWN words, without music and without lyrics. Learn how to create an atmosphere that encourages kids to worship God unashamedly in whatever way the Spirit leads. Just as adults love Spirit-filled worship experiences, it’s time to teach our children that they too can encounter God in a deeper way!

Presenter: Melissa Quinones
Track: Worship / Spirit-Empowered

One Direction (Not the Band)

It's important to have a goal for the kids and families in your ministry. Learn how to find that target and lead your volunteers and parents in one direction so you all hit the target together.

Presenter: Brendon Ramseier
Track: Family Ministry

Beyond the Behavior

Make some simple changes in your ministry environment and you will develop greater spiritual growth, foster positive self-esteem, and begin to respond rather than react to difficult behaviors in children.

Presenter: Troy Renter
Track: Special Needs

Outrageous Outreaches

Planning an event, but don't know what to do? Acquire step-by-step models, resources, tips, and trade secrets of professional event planners to make your next outreach outrageously great!

Presenter: Rick Ricciardelli
Track: Connect / Fellowship / Outreach

Parent Partnerships

Parents play the primary role in their kids' spiritual development. We can come alongside them to strengthen that. We'll explore how to bring the parents of your kids' ministry along on the spiritual journey. And we'll discover how to move from viewing kids' ministry as a child's sole spiritual input to viewing it as a supplement to the parents' spiritual role.

Presenter: Thomas Richardson
Track: Family Ministry

The ABCs of Leading Worship for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are full of energy. Their worship is full of energy too. Yancy will share tips on how to communicate and lead these little ones in worship. Everything from who should lead, what to do about motions, the types of songs that work, and how to grow a team of worship leaders will be covered.

Presenter: Yancy Richmond
Track: Nursery / Preschool

Leading Kids to Be Worshippers

To lead worship for kids you need to lead by example. Break it down and teach kids the how and why. It’s not hard to do, but you must develop a plan. Gain tips for helping kids connect with God through worship

Presenter: Yancy Richmond
Track: Worship / Spirit-Empowered

Utilizing Technology in Your Children's Ministry

Technology is an amazing tool for your children’s ministry. Correctly utilizing social media and other technology can take your ministry to new heights. If it's used poorly, you may be stuck. The good news is that anyone can learn to make the most of the technology available to you right now.

Presenter: Dwayne Riner
Track: Creative Communication

Small Place, Big Opportunities

Small towns and rural communities tend to be marginalized in our increasingly urban culture, but that doesn't mean the people living in these places don't need Jesus. There are a number of ways to maximize ministry opportunities in these sometimes lost and forgotten places. This workshop gives participants a chance to strategize how to influence their smaller communities for Christ.

Presenter: Brian Rossignol
Track: Community & Culture

Helping Children Hear and Respond to the Voice of God

Hearing God doesn't have to be weird. Through stories, exercises, and biblical examples, learn to lead children into an exciting relationship with God.

Presenter: Adam Schmidgall
Track: Grow / Discipleship

What's Wrong with This Kid?

To a child who has experienced trauma, normal disciplinary tactics can initiate their “fight or flight” impulses. Learn practical methods to cultivate an attitude of respect and cooperation, while avoiding negative reaction triggers.

Presenter: John Schwider
Track: Special Needs

Risk Management for Kids' Camps

How to manage risk at camps to keep kids safe, all while protecting you and your church from lawsuits.

Presenter: Jerry Sparks
Track: Kidmin Basics

Dealing with Difficult Emotions: Sadness, Depression, and Grief

When faced with a child or teen who is sad or depressed, our first instinct may be to try to “happy up” that child. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the importance of helping kids work through their sadness, depression, or grief. We'll cover practical things we can do to help including ideas for conversations, activities, and resources.

Presenter: Wayne Stocks
Track: Special Needs

Safety First

Whether you have security policy procedures in place or are looking to get started, lets talk about keeping our kids safe and creating confidence in parents leaving their kids in your ministry.

Presenter: Aaron Strawn
Track: Kidmin Basics

Creative Games

Team building, Bible learning, energy burning games! They're easy to coordinate and are perfectly adaptable for any meeting, any lesson, any time! Every game is tried, tested, and given the "Seal of Approval" by kids of all ages.

Presenter: John Tasch
Track: Kidmin Basics

Pep Talks

Want some enthusiastic confidence for the job of spiritual formation? "Miss PattyCake" can help! With biblical directives and creative ideas, you can become empowered to help lay a spiritual foundation in little lives.

Presenter: Jean Thomason
Track: Nursery / Preschool

Pulling Preschoolers into PRAISE!

Exactly what is praise? How is it different from worship? We will take a deep biblical look into God's definitions and His methods, then learn seven strong ways we can practice praise ourselves, AND lead little ones in praise too.

Presenter: Jean Thomason
Track: Nursery / Preschool

The Parent Problem

Working with kids can be one of the biggest blessings in the world. It’s working with parents that can sometimes be a challenge. Learn how to change the perspective of your program from "childcare” to “ministry” with practical tools that help you engage parents in their children’s spiritual development.

Presenter: Allison Tinajero
Track: Family Ministry

Kids' Church 101: What Are You Called to Do?

Explore your purpose and how it relates to your kids' ministry. Understand the basic parts of a kids’ church service. Learn some basic tools and ideas to put into practice this week.

Presenter: Frank Trezoglou
Track: Kidmin Basics

Motivating Your Team

This workshop is designed to help Girls Ministries leaders think through ways to motivate their team. We will discuss how a leader can make strategic moves to build a healthy team and inspire them toward a common vision.

Presenter: Gay Wall
Track: Girls Ministries / Royal Rangers

Leading When You Are Not a Leader

While there is a plethora of resources available for high capacity leaders, we will share resources to help when you are not Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, or Mark Entzminger! Join this workshop to discover eight steps to effective leadership when your main gift is not leading.

Presenter: Karina Gay Wall
Track: Leadership

Children and the Supernatural // Los niños y lo sobrenatural

Discover the giftings of each child and how to lead children to use their giftings in evangelism. // Descubra los dones de cada niño y cómo guiar a los niños a usar sus dones en el evangelismo.

Presenter: Michelle Wellborn
Track: Spanish

Discovering Lost Jewels for Jesus’ Crown // Descubriendo joyas perdidas para la corona de Jesús

Evangelism training on the importance of reaching lost children and bringing them to the feet of Jesus. // Entrenamiento del evangelismo sobre la importancia de evangelizar a los niños que nos son cristianos y traerlos a los pies de Jesús.

Presenter: Michelle Wellborn
Track: Spanish


Understand what leadership is and is not. Develop productive leadership in the leaders who follow you.

Presenter: Sammy Whaley
Track: Leadership

Teaching Kids in a Two-Language Classroom // Enseñando a los niños en un aula bilingüe

What do we do when kids only want to speak in English, but the teacher can only speak Spanish? How do we bridge this gap without losing the students’ interest or increasing the teacher’s frustration level? // ¿Qué hacemos cuando los niños quieren hablar español pero el maestros solo puede hablar español? ¿Cómo superamos esta brecha sin que los alumnos pierdan el interés o incrementen el nivel de frustración del maestro?

Presenter: Nancy Zayas
Track: Spanish